Friday, 15 June 2012

Counter Top Water Filters – A Smart Choice for a Healthy Home

Counter Top Water Filters are deemed to be the best way to purifying any source of water available in one’s home. Be it a natural source of water, surface water or ground water, every form of water available today has a certain amount of impurities if taken by the body for a continued period of time may invite unwanted health conditions. The best way to avoid such health issues is by having a counter top filter installed in every home. Counter top water filters provide an easy way to obtain alkaline water whenever you need it. Learn more about the health benefits associated to alkaline water at the Alkaline Benefits blog.

Counter Top Water Filtration Systems are widely used as they are economical and easy to install and maintain. They help remove odors and maximum impurities from drinking water. Best of all the advantages, it is the most trusted method to the purest form of drinking water as it is used and its repairs and replacements are supervised by you. These water purifiers have a long life and one can easily notice when the cartridges need to be changed as there will be a significant change in the time the water takes to be purified.

There are many home water filtration systems used all around the world, each depending usually on the kind of impurities present in the water used in one’s home. The counter top water filter is the best and safest way to purify water completely from any kind of source with any amount of impurities. A counter top water filter can have a single double or triple cartridge which enables it to purify various impurities in the water simultaneously. This feature is what makes it suitable to purify water from any source.

Having a double cartridge counter top filter is better than having a single cartridge and a triple cartridge is better than a double cartridge. This helps in more efficient purification of water as the water passes through a series of specialized purification processes with more number of cartridges.

There are various counter top filters depending on their capacity i.e. amount of water that the filter can hold at a time, the time taken by the filter to purify the water and the convenience with which the filter can be set up.

Counter top manual fill – Placed on a kitchen counter.

This type of filtration system is placed on a counter and water is filled in manually and filtered in batches through cartridges. This kind of filter is also called a pitcher water filter, as water is filled into the top compartment of a pitcher which flows into the bottom compartment through the cartridges, and is stored till used through a tap in the bottom compartment. It is commonly preferred by people as it removes the most common impurities and odor from water. Its space-efficient shape and various colors are also very appealing to customers.

The pitcher type water filter can be differentiated depending on their size and portability. There are two such types of filters. A pitcher type water filter can be place on a counter top from which water can be collected in containers and stored in a fridge. Or, the other can be filled manually with water and stored in a fridge while the filtration process is in progress.

Counter top connected to a sink faucet – Placed on a counter near a sink.

This type of filtration system is place near a sink and connected to a sink faucet. Once the tap from the sink is open water is automatically sent through a tube to the filtration device and purified water is dispensed from the spout of the filter. This type of water filtration system is commonly preferred as a large amount of water is readily available in seconds if required for any purpose in the kitchen.

Plumbed-in water filter – Placed under a sink

This kind of water filter is called under-counter water filter or under-sink water filter. This type of home water filtration system is used by connecting the filter cartridges directly to the kitchen sink shut off valve. A plumber might be required to set up this filter as a separate tap is mounted on the sink top for continuous purified water supply. Water from the valve is sent through the cartridges and purified water is used directly from the sink tap.

Nothing beats the diversity and ease in maintenance like these filters, and if you believe in healthy living then a counter-top filter is sure the best thing for you. You can check out great water filters over at TyentUSA.

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